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Public offer

Charitable foundation ”Freedom, Then Peace” (“Foundation”) offers all visitors of (“Site”) to support the Foundation by transferring funds or digital assets through forms and payment details available on the Site.


By supporting the Foundation, visitors accept the terms of this offer and enter into the following agreement for donation (“Agreement”) and accept the Privacy Policy on site. Such visitors are further referred to as Donors; their transfers are referred to as Donations.


Subject matter


Donor grants the Donation into Foundation’s ownership to achieve targets published on the Site according to Foundation’s Charter.


Donor defines the amount of Donation at his/ her own discretion. Donor bears all costs related to transfer (bank commissions, etc.). Donations are not refundable.


Donations can be made as single or periodical payments. Periodical payments may be arranged as subscriptions if such functionality is available on the Site. Subscriptions may be cancelled in settings of payment services used by Donor (Privat24, Apple Pay, etc.).


Activities of the Foundation


The Foundation raises funds in all countries unless this is prohibited by international or Ukrainian sanctions. Fundraising is expected to last indefinitely, unless terminated by decision of the Foundation at any time. Fundraising is aimed to increase defense capability and mobilization potential of Ukraine against military aggression of russian federation. This aim will be achieved by sourcing and delivering equipment and things necessary for defenders of Ukraine.


Activities of the Foundation are always non-profitable.


Use of Donations


All Donations will be used to achieve current or future targets of the Foundation. The Foundation will determine a specific manner to use the Donations. Donor may review reporting on the Site or contact the Foundation to learn detailed information on how the Donation is used.




By making a Donation, Donor represents that:

  • he/ she has the requisite legal capacity;

  • the Donation is voluntary;

  • information accompanying the Donation is truthful;

  • no arrest, legal prohibition, pledge, mortgage or other encumbrance applies to the Donation;

  • the Donation has not been acquired in violation of anti-money laundering legislation.


The Foundation may request respective evidence, which the Donor must provide, if the Foundation has doubts about the above representations.


Information about the Foundation


Full name in Ukrainian:

Благодійна організація «Благодійний фонд «Свобода, Потім Мир»

Full name in English:

Charitable organization «Charitable foundation «Freedom, Then Peace»

Entity code: 44980893

Address: 10 Volynska street, Kyiv, Ukraine 03151

Director: Dmytro Tymoshchenko


Applicable law


This Agreement is governed by laws of Ukraine. The parties bear liability for violation of this Agreement according to legislation of Ukraine.


Other terms


Neither of the parties acquires any direct or indirect profit under this Agreement.


This Agreement is deemed to be made in writing.


The Foundation may enter into agreements for donations that differ from this Agreement.


The Foundation may unilaterally amend this Agreement, provided that the amendments do not apply retroactively.


This Agreement is made in Ukrainian and English. Ukrainian version will prevail in the event of any discrepancy between the languages.


Last updated: February 25th, 2023.

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