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Revenge Carriers

Revenge Carriers is a school of driving mastery for defense forces of Ukraine, held by Freedom, Then Peace and Center for special driving education "Drive Club" in February and March 2024. The school aimed to improve driving skills in the Army and create safer environment on frontline roads by offering an intense program of defensive training.

The school included five thematic parts focused on preparation for various battlefield scenarios. Individual and group classes were given on the car floor of Olimpiyskiy National Sports Complex in Kyiv for three groups of students from four different units.

A truck for the school has been purchased by Freedom, Then Peace and delivered to the frontline after all classes. All students passed examination with comprehehsive set of exercises and combined course of obstacles; they also received certificates of completion.


Oleksandr Hliuza

Oleksandr Hliuza

Candidate Master of motorsports

Winner and participant of multiple competitions

Teaches defensive driving for more than 14 years

Andrii Stefanovych

Andrii Stefanovych

Winner and participant of multiple competitions

Teaches defensive driving for more than 19 years

Part І. Theory of defensive driving,
exercises with simulators

  1. Steering techniques for one and two hands, speed techniques

  2. Pendulum exercises for coordination

  3. Single- and double-handed exercises

  4. High-speed steering test, compliance with normative requirements

  5. Training of peripheral vision and reaction on Batak Pro simulator

  6. Practice of self-evacuation from overturned vehicle in simulator

Part IІ. Race track training

  1. High speed maneuvering

  2. Standard slalom (forward and reverse)

  3. Scattered slalom (forward and reverse)

  4. Assymetric slalom (forward and reverse)

  5. Building optimal trajectories 

  6. Coordination of car controls  

Exercises are trained in three modes: geometric, high-speed and critical

Part IIІ. Emergency breaking

  1. Regressive breaking

  2. Breaking with and without ABS

  3. Breaking in a turning circle

  4. Collision avoidance breaking

  5. Lateral slip breaking

Part IV. Turns and obstacles

  1. Classification of turns

  2. Building optimal trajectories for turns

  3. Power sliding

  4. Evasive maneuvering (moose test) in high-speed and critical modes

  5. Curtain exercises for development of reaction

Part V. Loss of stability

  1. Stabilization of skidding and spinning vehicles

  2. Stabilization of front-end oversteering

  3. Rhythmic drift 

  4. 180 degree spinning of a vehicle moving forward and backward

  5. 360 degree spinning

  6. "Number 8" and "Stadium" exercises for maneuvering in limited spaces, building trajectory and selecting speed

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