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Support Ukraine from Berkeley

We organized our first charitable event in Berkeley Law to raise awareness about the war and discuss ways to support Ukraine. We met in room 105, Law Building, on July 12, 2022, at 12:10 PDT with Zoom broadcasting.

Event recording is available on YouTube.

Raised funds were used to purchase drones and other equipment.


Dmytro Tymoshchenko, Esq.

LL.M. Candidate, Berkeley Law

GC, Depositphotos Inc.

What can we do when the war comes to our homes

Arsen Kulyk

Senior Legal and Privacy Counsel at Eleks

Founder of AOK Law

LL.M. candidate, Berkeley Law (2022)

How the war is reaching you everywhere

Volodymyr Boriak

Senior Associate at Asters

LL.M., University of Strasbourg (2019)

Response of Ukrainian legal community to the war; establishment of compensation mechanism, collection of evidence for international courts

David Kavtaradze

General Counsel at TBC Bank

LL.M., Berkeley Law (2019)

Wars that russia started in Georgia; general geopolitical impact of russia’s wars

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