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Giveaway closed

In partnership with WAS, we held a charitable giveaway of a night vision riffle scope and digital radio, the trophies from russians taken by Ukrainian Army in Kherson region. The scope went to a randomly selected winner, and the radio went to a donor with the largest donation.

WAS provided us informational support, gave us a shoutout on its YouTube channel, and managed amazing coverage of the giveaway in social media.


The giveaway raised $7 838,53 from 451 participants. This covered three Mavic 3 drones and six Motorola DP4401 radios for our defenders in 46th brigade. We continued fundraising and delivered even more equipment - see the record of May 21, 2023 here.


Thanks everyone for participation and congrats to the winners!

Night vision riffle scope 1ПН141-1
Digital radio Р-187-П1 «Gamble»

Night vision riffle scope 1ПН141-1 

Went to 380506*****3, who donated 2000 UAH on 2023-03-25 12:56. See our Instagram and WAS Facebook page for detailed results

Digital radio Р-187-П1 «Gamble»

Went to b***** who donated $300 on 18.03.2023 18:34. See our Instagram and WAS Facebook page for detailed results

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