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Rules for giveaway of tubes

Charitable organization “Charitable foundation “Freedom, Then Peace” (“Foundation”) and historical popular science project WAS (“WAS”) (collectively - "Organizers”) announce a charitable giveaway.


Organizers will give away tubes used by Ukrainian Army. These are the tubes from M72 LAW, RPG-22 Netto and RPG-76 Komar. The giveaway will be made between donors who donate at

Purpose of the giveaway


Organizers will direct the raised funds to purchase and deliver DJI Mavic 3 drones and other equipment for Ukrainian Army. Organizers will select pricing, delivery and purchase terms at their sole discretion.


Giveaway mechanics


The giveaway launches at 12.00, September 3rd, Kyiv time and closes at 23.59, September 30th Kyiv time.

To participate in the giveaway, donors must:

  • donate more than UAH 50 or equivalent amount in other currency (“Minimum amount”); and

  • leave their contact details (phone number, e-mail, etc.) in payment description.

M72 LAW tube will go to a donor who makes the largest donation. RPG-22 Netto and RPG-76 Komar tubes will go to donors selected by a randomizer considering amounts of donations from each donor. Minimum amount of donation for RPG-22 Netto tube is UAH 500, and for RPG-76 Komar tube - UAH 50.

Donors can make larger donations than the Minimum amount - this will proportionally increase their chances to win. For example:

  • donation of UAH 1500 will be counted as three donations for RPG-22 Netto tube and as 30 donations for RPG-76 Komar;

  • donation of UAH 540 will be counted as one donation for RPG-22 Netto tube and as 10 donations for RPG-76 Komar.

Results will be published on October 1st on WAS Facebook page.

Tubes will be delivered to winners only in Ukraine. Delivery terms will be confirmed individually with each winner. Organizers will cover delivery costs.

Other conditions


The following persons are not eligible to participate in the giveaway:

  • donors who cannot receive trophies in Ukraine;

  • donors who fail to leave their contact details;

  • donors who make donations after the giveaway closes;

  • Organizers, their teams, family members of their teams.

Same person cannot win several tubes.

Organizers must contact the winners to complete the giveaway. Donor’s participation will automatically expire if he/ she does not get in touch with Organizers by September 20th, 2023. In this event, Organizers will select another winner according to these rules.

Used tubes are not weapons, they don't pose any danger. Tubes are given away only for souvenir purposes.

Organizers may change these rules at any time.

These rules are made in Ukrainian and English. Ukrainian version will prevail in the event of any discrepancy between the languages.

Updated: September 15th, 2023

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